The world is changing. Is the real estate industry keeping up? We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of digital, marketing and economic trends, and applying them to the real estate industry.

At Bspoke, we are digital-first and multi-channel because we believe this is what clients need today. Join us as we learn, adapt and share to ensure we are all prepared to meet their needs tomorrow.

Upcoming: REbar in the County – POSTPONED

Join us in Prince Edward County on June 11, 2020, for REbar in the County 2020 – the biggest and best yet!

This is an old-school REBAR style event. No presentations. No slides. No handouts. No sales. Attendees will develop the list of topics in advance, facilitate the sessions and share ideas together. The number of concurrent sessions will depend on the number of attendees. We’ll have five, 45-minute sessions with plenty of time to network and have fun in between.

Who Should Come:

  • People who want to share, learn and grow
  • People who are doing cool stuff or want to do cool stuff

Who Shouldn’t Come:

  • People who want to talk about boring old-school real estate
  • People who want to sell stuff to real estate agents

Click here to get more details and purchase a ticket to REbar in the County 2020.