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Brendan Powell – Broker of Record
416-827-0789 | brendan@getwhatyouwant.ca

Brendan is the BOR, CTO, CFO and COO of bspoke Realty, which makes him the unofficial (official?) Nerd. He’ll bore you to tears obsessing over real estate paperwork or his latest tech tool. Brendan has spent the last decade challenging the norms of an often slow-to-move industry, from early adoption of digital tools to raising the bar with respect to expectations of responsiveness and client service. A thought leader in the industry, he is the hands-on, ground level, and slightly quieter half of bspoke Realty and the BREL team.

We asked Brendan to tell us a little about himself:

“I’m a world traveller. An explorer. A musician. A foodie. I’m married to Melanie P. I like: Urban (not country). Spicy (not bland). Red (not white). Craft beer (not Bud). Nights (never mornings). I like stinky cheese and funky tunes. Mostly, I like to make sure I enjoy the journey just as much as the destination.”


Melanie Piché – Broker/Owner

416-568-0427 melanie@getwhatyouwant.ca

Obsessed with digital marketing, social media and SEO, Melanie’s on a quest to elevate the real estate industry’s reputation beyond fridge magnets, same-same marketing and questionable ethics and stereotypes. Her decade of HR experience in the ad industry lends itself well to her current responsibilities overseeing marketing and coaching the agents.

We asked Melanie to tell us a little about herself:

“I’m a blogger. A truth-teller. A teacher. A learner. I’m a little OCD. I’d wear a onesie every day if it was socially acceptable. I loved bacon, goats and llamas before they became a thing on the internet. I’m married to Brendan. I like: Beach (not city). Sweet (not salty). Sun (not snow). Dogs (not cats). White (and red). iPhone (not Android). Handmaid’s Tale (not Real Housewives).”


Melanie and Brendan are frequent speakers across North America, sharing their digital marketing and real estate team building know-how and expertise.

To have Melanie or Brendan speak at an event, contact us here.

Past Speaking Engagements

  • Buzz Online Conference (2020)
  • Zillow Group Canada Forum (2019)
  • Genuine Hustle (Boise 2019)
  • Ladies Who SEO (2019)
  • REbar in the County (Prince Edward County, 2018 & 2019)
  • REsail Conference (Royal Caribbean, 2019)
  • National Association of REALTORS Annual Conference
    (Boston 2018)
  • REALTOR.com Results Summit (Las Vegas 2018)
  • OREA Reality Conference (Toronto, 2018)
  • Mastery Summit (Scottsdale 2016, Nashville 2018)
  • Millionaire Team Summit (2016, Chicago)
  • Greater Boston Association of REALTORS (Boston 2016)
  • Real Estate Tech Talks (2015)
  • Inman Reboot (Toronto 2014)
  • OREA YPN Tech Forum (2013)
  • REbar Camp (Toronto, Mississauga, New York City 2012-2015)

Guest Podcast Appearances

  • The Real Estate Sessions (2019)
  • Compass South: Monthly Coaching Club (2019)
  • Goodfellow Power Call (2019)
  • The Real Estate Agent Launch (2018)
  • The WaterCooler (2017)
  • Super Agents Live (2016)
  • Marketing Genius Podcast – Placester (2015)
  • Top Agents Playbook (2015, 2016)

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